I have experience helping people with depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem and identity issues, relationship struggles, marital distress, grief and loss, addiction, physical or sexual trauma, life transitions, and spiritual concerns.

As an Emotion Focused Therapist my primary attention is on what is happening with people at the emotional level because emotions have such a significant affect on our sense of well-being. Also, emotions drive behaviors. Our English word emotion comes from the Latin word
emovere, which literally means “to move out.” Understanding our emotions helps us understand why we do what we do, and opens the door to change. Becoming attentive to our emotions and learning to accept and share them is essential to self-awareness and the journey toward wholeness.

The positive benefits of such wholeness includes: increased self-understanding and self-acceptance; enhanced self-esteem; greater control over your own life; an ability to face difficulties without getting out of control; emotional balance; improved relationships; healthy dependency; freedom from guilt and shame; and empowerment to give and receive love deeply.


Nothing is quite as wonderful in this life as feeling deeply known and emotionally connected to the person you love. Nothing is quite as painful as feeling disconnected from and unknown by the one who is supposed to be your most significant other. I have seen success in my work with couples who have come to me with an array of distress in their relationships, everything from acts of infidelity to general feelings of dissatisfaction and loneliness. 

I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. EFT is a warm, respectful and scientifically proven method for helping couples enrich the quality of their relationship through the development of a secure emotional bond. I focus on dealing with a couple's unique history and present reality.


This is a context in which to learn about your self and to improve interpersonal relationships. It is a place where members may gain insight into past influences on current life and relationships. Any issue that is important to you may be brought to the group. Most problems have relational roots and must ultimately be resolved in a relational context. A therapy group is a safe place where members are committed to honesty, mutual respect, and confidentiality. Those who have experienced growth in individual therapy often find group therapy to be the next step in their personal development.

No-obligation Consultation Session

How about a no-risk “First Step?” I offer a FREE "First Step" 50 minute consultation meeting, a time when we can get to know one another and you can become more informed and confident that this the right path for you.